DesignCad is a comprehensive CAD software which is produced to prevent loss of money and time for your company by minimizing manual operations in modelshop and cutting department in accordance with the needs of Turkish garment and textile manufacturers. 

In the Cost module, the cost per unit of a model is calculated in TL and foreign currency with the manufacturing marker, accessories and all other expenses. In the Technical Card section opened specifically for each model, the size table of the model, sewing instruction and general model properties can be put in.


DesignCad system is under Training and Unlimited Technical Support Warranty  for a year after sale we provide support for designer and operator needs who are familiar with the system. DesignCad system is upgraded in accordance with customer requests and demands and provides LIFELONG FREE-OF-CHARGE UPDATE warranty to its users.

All updates are automatically performed over Internet.


All Your Models are Safe with DesignCad


All your models are encoded automatically and protected with the company specific model

code number. File protection is active while sending files to different systems and exporting

of files without the company owner’s consent is limited.






Collaboration with universities and educational institutes

Model Cost and Technical Card Module

Grading by means of manual manufacturing


Many universities and educational institutions nationwide instruct our DesignCad and Fotodijit software on their academical calendars as lectures

Professional model follow-up with technical card and cost calculation.

Cost calculation in TL and foreign currency by entering the cost per fabric unit on the basis of markers.

Fast and professional grading operation with proportional and unproportional grading organized based on manual spreading.


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