DesignCad Training and Support Process


Our client takes advantage of our training service without a time limit and paying any extra costs during the year following the sale.

Designing knowledge of the person who will receive training is the only factor we require, in the first five working days a 20-hour theoretical tranining is given on our company premises and afterwards practical training on clients premises is given until our client go into production. Practical training lasts 3 or 5 days on clients premises according to the cilents working principles and continiues until our client goes into production.



DesignCad Training Certificate

Collaboration with Universities and Educational Institutions

Qualified Personnel Support to Companies


DesignCad training certificate is given to all users who complete the training succesfully.

Many universities and educational institutions nationwide instruct our Designcad and Fotodijit softwares on their academical calendars as lectures. 

During and after the first year following the sale we give the qualified personel support which companies need. 


Universities and Educational Institutes That Give DesignCad Training


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