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As Tematek Textile and Informatics Systems, we are a software company producing software to garment industry and we give training fort he software we produce and give hardware support for peripheral units.Designcad and Fotodijit are both local software produced by our company, we produce our software based on the production logic we got from designers, production specialists and collaborations with universities, therefore we produce and develop easy to use and professional software.


One of our advantages is the lifelong unlimited and free-of-charge update warranty over the Internet for all of our users.


We provide software and training support free-of-charge for all educational institutes as regards for the young people who are our future to be trained as qualified and well-equipped people.


Tematek will continue to consistently develop its software according to the needs of its customers.


Also, we consider maximising our software by following the technological advances of world standards as necessary for our vision.



We want Turkish garment industry to use most practical and most professional software with most affordable price.

The feedback we get from our customers are proof of how we follow the right track.


Our textile supplier friends trust us and we will continue to provide the most advanced support for them.

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