During the first year following the system installation, all system is under our warranty, you can get unrestricted and unlimited technical support in the meantime.


Continuing with the annual maintanence agreement at the end of first year is a requirement for longlasting proper operation of the system,   otherwise systems that have not been maintained for a long time cause time and trading losses in the event of failure and solution costs after the problem occurs are high. In order not to face a situation like this,  the best and the most economical solution is the annual maintenance agreement.


Annual Maintenance Agreement covers routine maintenance operations and responds and services in the event of failure according to the agreement type. All these services are unrestricted and unlimited throughout the agreement.


During the annual maintenance agreement ;


On-site unlimited service support.

Substitute Device Support in case the faulty device can not be repaired.

Information back-up

Connection of peripheral units (Printer, Scanner, Plotter, Digital Camera)

 Antivirus installation

Free of charge system relocation and on site installlation (except transportation cost)

Conversion of different system files (within the monthly limit)

Unlimited Phone and Remote Desktop connection support.


For the Remote Desktop support : Ammy Ver:3.5 (TR)  TeamViewer (TR)  Alpemix (TR)


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