DesignCad imitates your manual work style


DesignCad imitates your manual work style and enables you to prepare patterns from scratch or edit your existing patterns thanks

to its flexible drawing tools. You can measure flat and curved lines at any requested precision, you can view size values of two separate lines (same item or different item) on same table, you can perform mathematical operations as adding-substracting between measurements. (armhole-size)


  • You can view serial skipping differences between sizes.

  • You can apply models in the pattern with internal shapes, you can cut all internal shapes with one function and distribute the serial automatically.

  • You can perform serial copy-pasting.

  • You can create proportional and unproportional series with manual series logic.


  • You can open dart application on pattern with end proportions automatically and fast.

  • You can perform dart sliding (godet) and bulges.

  • You can perform applications such as pleat, inverted pleat and smock in the same way as manual.

  • You can send the pattern measurement values to the technical sheet with just one button.




Seperating the Graded

Item to its Sizes

Pleat, Inverted Pleat and Smock Applications

Proportional and Unproportional Serial Applications


You can separate every size after grading, you can view individually as different items and you can intervene its curves and forms separately.

Cost calculation in TL and foreign currency by entering fabric per unit cost value over markers.

Fast and professional grading organized based on manual spreading.




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