Faster, More Visual, more Functional


You can view all information about your model in single screen and you can switch between model, marker, technical card and cost tabs. 

You can add model pictures in your model file, enter necessary technical notes about your model and you can view main details about your model in every stage of your work.

You can sort the items that constitute your model (patterns) by fabric type, quantity or name and you can perform bulk changes.


Adding Sizes, Changing Sizes and Shifting

Model Cost and Technical Card Module

Seriation by Manual Manufacturing


At any stage of your work you can add size to your model, delete size, change size groups and the main size.


Professional model follow-up with the technical card and unit work cost calculation module.

Cost calculation in TL and foreign currency by entering fabric unit cost value over markers.

Fast and professional grading process based on manual layout with proportional and unproportional grading.




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