You can prepare marker plans from different models with different patterns, add different marker files to the marker you prepared.

You can give shrinkage and let off values to the created marker free from the pattern width and length.

You can perform measurements on the marker and check the pattern overlapping.


Saving on time and fabric with the Super Marker


You can create the most efficient marker plan within the shortest time with the Super Marker module.

You can use all the features you use during the manual marker preparation stage and you can sort your patterns by any order you desire.


Reporting of the Marker Plan and Printing from Printer

Cover and Normal Marker Spreading


Faulty Fabric and Panel Fabric Option


You can report all the details about the spread marker plan (total pattern quantity, settled pattern quantity, footprint, rate of waste)

While you can create normal marker plans during manual (with hand) pastal spreading, you can also create cover markers.

You can identify the faulty or panel areas to DesignCad during marker spreading and you can ensure these areas are aligned or not aligned with items.


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