Fast, Practical, Error-Free Pattern Transfer


Fotodijit is an automatical pattern digitizing system created and developed by Turkish Engineers. Fotodijit

transfers the patterns placed on the table to the computer with micron precision by using the advantages

of the latest camera technology.


During the scannig procedure it automatically recognizes the holes, snaps and similar signs and digitizes

them It provides the Fotodijit user with increased time and production quality.



With the Fotodijit Automatical Pattern Digitizing System


 You work with the milimeter precision, which is the acceptable limit in textile.  

You eliminate the negative results due to effects of environment and light and get the clearest image.

 With its easy use, you digitize your patterns very fast and error-free with just a few simple mouse movements.

 As you can digitize your patterns, you can also save your model pictures and fabrics in JPEG, TIFF and BMP formats.



Automatic Pattern Identification and Naming

Scanning with Micron Precision

Opportunity of Processing the Scanned Pattern


Fotodijit identifies all items automatically and names them at the end of the scanning process.

The item can be given a new name and feature if so desired.

Light effects of the environment are filtered and the most precise scan is ensured. 

With the help of processing tools all kinds of correction can be performed on the scanned pattern.

If desired, a pattern can be created from scratch with the mouse.


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